The seeds of Iron Art Forge were first sown in 1962 when Gary “Griff” Griffith worked as a teenager at Tiffany Farm in Old Lyme, CT. Out of the necessity of farm life, he found himself working around farriers, yolk makers, and other craftsmen.  This work incited an interest in smithing that was to grow into a career. 

GriffIn 1969 Griff graduated high school and went to the Martinsville School of Farriery.  He wrote home in a letter to his mother to sell his motorcycles and find a good used anvil for him.  His career started in the barn behind his parents house making such basic items as ox bow pins and horseshoes.  It progressed into the making of larger and more complex items for customers around the Old Lyme and Deep River areas.  In 1978 Griff moved his family to Parkman, Maine.   He worked at various jobs for income, but always continued to smith.  In 1986 a career change was needed, and Maine Iron Art became a full time business. 

Living in the woods of Maine with no electricity or phone limited selling opportunities to craft fairs and co-op sales.  Occasionally someone would inquire in town where to find him, and they would make their way two miles up Bradstreet Road to Griff’s house.  In 2004 Maine Iron Art, now doing business as Iron Art Forge, moved to its present location in Guilford.  This allowed for an actual retail area and a shop with the modern advances that electricity would allow. 

MatthewIn 2006 Griff was tragically killed in an accident.  Since that time Iron Art Forge has been operated by Griff’s son, Matthew.  Matthew’s earliest memories include pumping the forge and running to the farm pond between heats to get more clay from the banks to make little bowls which were then fired around the edge of the forge.  Knowledge gained from helping occasionally over the course of 30 years has allowed the whimsical style and design of Iron Art Forge to be carried on into the future.